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Tony finds himself a dark and handsome stud for the night. These 2 red hot Frenchman are going to start off with a sultry 69. Tony goes crazy over that ass that he's literally going to impale! Once he's been fucked all good and proper, he saves a wad of cum for his face! An intense couple brought to you by MenOboy.

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2 French guys pick up a hitchhiker on a mountain road. Soon they have to stop the car and the clothes start flying. These cock…

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Davy consults Dr. Jimenez (aka Enzo) for an ache in his nuts. The Dr examines his package and points a finger in the direction of…

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After exams, Josh has a couple of classmates over and once they're comfortable in the living room he comes right and says he's…

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Will, the new worker, is late to work again! The guy on the earlier shift is getting kind of angry. But here's his chance for a…

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All sorts of things happening in Nice! In a Sex shop basement, a quartet are going to fuck & suck in constant rotation. …

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In the middle of the night, Stéphane starts to warm up his dude who's sleeping by his side. He wakes up and starts to suck some…

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Always arguing about useless issues, this interracial couple is dying to find some common ground. And nothing is better than a…

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Camping with my pals Steeve and Thibault, we never miss an occasion to have a grand time! My ass was nailed the whole time like a…

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Paul is face to face with a stud in the bathroom in this club. They make their way to the back-room and off they go! Deep throat…

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Ever get bored on Sunday? Alex and Jeremy don't! Invite a stud buck over and fuck in every position imaginable! Alex is by far…

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In the clinic's room #69, a young mute patient has his faced all bandaged up while he heals for several months. The nurse Math knows this and he regularly goes to his room to empty his balls and abuse the patient. Blocked in bed, the patient has no choice but to take all the thick cock the nurse keeps feeding him! After forcibly fucking his face,…

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Steeve comes over to Thibaut and Mateo's to replace a couple of broken window panes. It's a stroke of luck, Mateo's bored. They…

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Two friends go to see their bud Jeremy, who is nearly completely nude in bed. They can't help but start to rub him up. He puts…

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