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Eross is nervous in front of the camera for the first time. Arny need to relax him and that means that he's going to feed him that outrageously thick dick of his in his tight little ass. Once the muscular hottie has got it tucked down his throat,…

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Franco surveille l'heure de colle de Julyann, sanctionné pour avoir diffusé des dessins sexuels dans les couloirs de la fac. Mais cette punition ne suffira pas à ce jeune rebelle, qui surenchérit en dessinant la bite du surveillant. Pour lui…

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Today, David has 3 photo shoots. Grégoire, a newbie 19 year old lets himself get undressed timidly in front of the camera. Once he's naked, David can't handle himself and slides a couple of fingers in his ass. He refuses to lose his virginity, but…

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While their client is on vacation, two entrepreneurs Angel Rimenez & Enzo Tyessen make an work inspection. The find themselves in an empty house and all dressed up. Suddenly they get the urge. Angel is going to get his ass exploded and then gives…

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For several years, Ricky wants to fuck Rico. To test him out, he invites him over to scrub his back in the bath. The straight guy isn't too hot on the idea but jumps in. His pal starts to rub him between the thighs, his back, his torso... In less…

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Ludwig's an 18 year old Virgin and dreams of sharing his fresh body under the tender touch of a muscular young men! Welcome to virgin's hottest dreams where he, once he's entirely naked, is going to taste the pleasure of an Apollo's cock while a…

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