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Hugo goes to visit Romeo and find his pal is still in bed. He pulls back the covers and discovers that his friend is handcuffed…

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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to…

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There's nothing quite like a muscular blonde who wraps his lips around your cock. Come check out a hot 69 between a blonde and a dark haired dude that ends in a cum facial. Then penetrate the intimacy of a seriously give-what-you-take kind of couple! After a dildo session, these twinks are going to bash the daylights out of each other's ass and…

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In an room, the doctor is going to examine Mateo. At the end of the exam, he pulls his clothes off and is completely naked with a…

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During the summer, the scrublands outside of Marseille is a host for dudes looking for some ass! You're going see what really…

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A beautiful blonde is with a hottie in the woods. He undresses him and, with his big cock, gives him something to suck on. Then…

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Before clocking out, Anthony goes to the office to get an advance on his salary. The boss is out and his assistant takes…

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With nuts full of cum, Officer Rimenez is bullying a punk on his beat. He's afraid to go to jail so the cop makes him a deal…

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On the construction site, Martin, 20 and hot, got the job because of his hotness. He's completely in the know about this and goes…

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Inspector Enzo Rimenez wakes up groggy and hand cuffed. Much to his surprise, it's one of his partners who's behind his abduction. Completely psychologically unstable, he drugged him so he could have at him! But the victim consents. After sucking his cock, the 2 are going to go into a massive 69 and then swap-sodomize between kidnapper and…

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This Ebony stud has nuts full of cum wants to make himself useful and agreeable! He's going to go hitchhiking for a fuck so he…

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Stan and Dimitri are superbly dark and muscular and meet for the first time in a Castle's park. Dimitri reals him in with his…

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What a joy to wake up in the morning with a huge cock in your hands, in your mouth and you just suck and suck until it shoots!…

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Victime de harcèlement sexuel au travail, Marshall est venu porter plainte au commissariat. Le policier chargé de prendre sa…

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