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Tonight, Valetin brings home a super dark haired stud. Completely frozen up, the dude watches the twink stroke himself. When the twink…

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Our hottie Valentin hooks up with a dude who's dark and handsome and hung! In a passive humor, he puts his ass in place to get treatment.…

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A distant friend of Mathieu's comes over to repair his bicycle. Once his bike is repaired, Mathieu suddenly feels the urge to fuck! He rubs…

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Davis gets a call from the doctor. "If you can't have an orgasm, it's because your prostate is too deep. I'm going to give prescription for…

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After a hard day on the beat, 3 cops (Jess, Enzo and Fred) are going to go have a few drinks. On fire, Jess takes on a twink in the back.…

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It's vacation time and 100° in the shade and these 3 hotties can't find anything better to do than fuck and suck and fuck again! A nice…

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2 vids 4 the price of 1! First of all, the young Wilson encounters a hottie with his shirt off in the park. For a simple glance, Wilson has…

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JP et Sam sont deux minets sportifs, en couple depuis deux ans et demi. Très amoureux l'un de l'autre et tous les deux fans de sport et de…

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While their client is on vacation, two entrepreneurs Angel Rimenez & Enzo Tyessen make an work inspection. The find themselves in an empty…

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Max a décidé de passer un week end en Belgique : à Bruxelles. Tristan, un bogosse du coin, lui fera rencontrer d'autres mecs dans son…

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The baker's wife is having her period, no way to touch her. The only problem is he's got balls ready to burst! Luckily his apprentice is…

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What do you do when you're bored with your pals in the middle of the day? Why not propose a bit of strip poker? You lose at cards, you lose…

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After getting his balls emptied by his apprentice (see 'Baker to Empty') our baker is going to see his supplier, Mr. Berger. There's bad…

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A couple of dudes are going after it in a tub! Both have beautiful long cocks and love to suck the nightmare out of one another! Without…

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